Value Driven Commitment

Partnership is very important to us. We work with our clients and strive to understand organizational mandates, financial expectations, markets and policies that influence the project — to enable us to develop solutions that best support specific and complex mandates. We focus on project high-risk areas and develop project solutions that leverage our expertise and integrate client stakeholder expertise into the overall project plan.


Project Management

Our fundamental approach to project management is to reduce risk for our clients and to maximize project success. We integrate industry trusted processes, our proven experience and our real project accomplishments.  We structure, implement and control the three pillars of any project – scope, budget and schedule, through managing stakeholders, applying the right procurement models and leading highly integrated teams for winning results.  All verTerra Project Managers hold PMP certifications.

Owner’s Representative

Owners often consider dedicated expertise to represent their interests on real estate projects or programs. This is particularly true when real estate or construction is not a core business strength and when professional leadership support would benefit the team, or when the project is being managed by external partners or providers. As Owner Representative, verTerra protects the owner’s best interest whether for a specific stage of development or for the entire project cycle.

Procurement Advisors

At verTerra, we have in-house construction procurement expertise in both public and private sector supply chains and have developed several tailored contract models to meet our client’s requirements. We understand the risk and rewards for investors, developers, consultants or constructors, and consider current market activities, prioritized desired results, trends in the industry (both successful and unsuccessful) and contractual context to develop a framework, an incremental process and procurement documents.  We implement and support this process with client procurement teams and ensure compliance with corporate policy requirements.

Financial Advisory & Risk Management

Clients often require focused or specialized support, advice or analysis during the development of a real property initiative. verTerra provides client focused consultative services to address their unique needs whether strategic or tactical in nature. Our advisory expertise can apply to most sectors within the real estate industry and we are experienced in most delivery models such as public private partnership (PPP), design build, sale lease back, etc. Typical service areas include asset and accommodation planning, project delivery modeling, performance management, risk analysis, financial and value for money assessment and construction and development assessments for both private and public sectors.

Independent Certification (subsection of Finance)

As a solely independent organization, verTerra is uniquely qualified to provide unbiased compliance overview and audit services. Our senior staff is both technically and contractually highly-versed and has a deep comprehension of the construction process and cost management, based on direct experience. Our approach to independent certification is not a paper-work exercise but involves thorough evaluation and monitoring of contractual requirements.

Transition Management

Efficient transitioning from construction to client occupancy and operations is a complex and critical phase of a construction project. Transition involves the convergence of numerous activities within a compressed timeline with often competing objectives. verTerra works with clients to manage business continuity and critical environments and integrates stakeholder interdependencies to assure that new facilities will meet day-one occupancy requirements and business operations.

Strategic Consulting

We provide planning and implementation advice for any stage of project development.  We provide thoughtful and well-rounded solutions for scenario modelling and options analysis, from space utilization to asset life cycle planning (see Financial Advisory Services) utilizing our networks as necessary.  Strategic advice is provided by the most senior leaders of verTerra.